Donut Kings

Volume Three

01. Dissatisfied - Aquarius Blue
02. The Feast - Aquarius Blue
03. Alien Abduction - Aquarius Blue
04. Searching For The Answers - Mel Hook's "Me and My Friends"
05. Drag Racing Robot - Donut Kings
06. I Want My Stained Dress Back - Donut Kings
07. Finnegan's Drink - Donut Kings
08. Child's Tears - The 3rd Degree
09. Snakecharm - The 3rd Degree
10. Window Pain - Cadillac
11. Outlaw - Cadillac
12. Changing Time - Christina Lee
13. Mopar Girl/Humidity - Green Flem and the Nasty Maggots
14. Transvestite Tears - Green Flem and the Nasty Maggots
15. Lunatic Fringe - Will Stanley
16. Even More - Will Stanley
17. More Than Love -Will Stanley
18. Rock Me Sock Me - Chic McKnickNix
19. Cancer - TMC
20. Disgrace - TMC
The third disc contains music from a very diverse range of bands. Volume Three has the poppy Aquarius Blue, the rocking The 3rd Degree, the ever funny Chic McKnickNix, the post punk Green Flem and the Nasty Maggots, the heavy TMC, the Donut Kings show up to add thier two cents, and many more fine bands.
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