Donut Kings

Volume One

01. What It's All About -The artist formerly known as Chic McKnickNix
02. Refugees From The Colonies - Plastic Grass
03. Profit of Decadence - Primitive Ink
04. Metalfunk - Symphonic Rage
05. Silvester Was A Bellboy - Donut Kings
06. Any Other One - DIM
07. She Wolf - Mr. Pickle
08. You Can't Strike Out - p.w.b-rono
09. Simple - Sauce
10. Loner Blues - Someone's Land Blues
11. Just Don't Know - Hypnotic Kick
12. Ship Me Out-a-Here - Dying Breed
13. Control - Shoot The Dancing Bear
14. Pretty Purple Tie Dye - O2TANGO
15. The Verge - Wild Bill's Party Army Band

This disc contains music from the valley's best bands. Primitive Ink, Plastic Grass, DIM, Mr. Pickle, Sauce, Someone's Land Blues, Hypnotic Kick, Dying Breed, O2TANGO, Chic McKnickNix, and more. Of course the Donut Kings have a track as well.
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