Donut Kings


In The Valley Where Time Stands Still

01. Announcer 0:30
02. Train On The Island - Old Crow Medicine Show 2:10
03. Renfro Valley Square Dance - Renfro Valley Entertainers 1:31
04. Little Birdie - Bluegrass Drifters 2:26
05. In Renfro Valley Tonight - Ginger Callahan 2:27
06. Take Me Back To Renfro Valley - Red Foley 3:25
07. Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Coy Priddy 3:19
08. Kitty Clyde - Old Crow Medicine Show 2:56
09. Scarlet Town - Jim Gaskin, Bobby Slone & Don Gulley 1:19
10. Winking At Me - Little Eller 2:51
11. Fly Around My Daisy - Old Joe Clark 1:32
12. Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Offa Me - Fairly Holden 2:50
13. Holy Ghost Feeling - Wayne Combs, Pam Perry, Don Gulley & Jeff Watson 2:13
14. Bring Me Back My Blue Eyed Boy - Old Crow Medicine Show 3:11
15. Take Me Back To Renfro Valley - Old Crow Medicine Show 4:10
16. How Many Biscuits Can You Eat - Coon Creek Girls 1:34
17. A Chevy-Kaiser-Olds-Mo-Laca-Stud-War-Linco-Baker - Pete Stamper 2:11
18. In The Valley Where Time Stands Still - Russ and Jo Nell Fisher 2:24
19. You Walk By - Homer & Jethro 1:48
20. Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Offa Me - Old Crow Medicine Show 1:59
21. Devil?s Dream - Slim Miller 1:31
22. Huckleberry Bill - Boyd Ingram 2:33
23. Turkey In The Straw - Emory Martin 2:08
24. Little Birdie - Old Crow Medicine Show 3:49
25. Goodbye - John Lair 0:15

In 1939, John Lair welcomed the nation to his hometown located in the foothills of Kentucky. Out of the small quaint setting known as Renfro Valley he brought music and entertainment to millions who loved to hear the songs they grew up on. Broadcasting live in a rural setting was a unique way to present the Renfro Valley Barn Dance.

In the early days, John Lair would write songs to tell mountain stories and have talented people from the foothills perform them on radio. The entertainers featured on this cassette, such as Red Foley, The Coon Creek Girls, Old Joe Clark and so on, represent just a sampling of all the acts who performed on the stage in Renfro Valley over the past sixty years.

His love for music is captured in this collection of old time country songs, many of which were written by John Lair himself. Also included in this soundtrack is music by Old Crow Medicine Show, an exciting new band that truly captures the music from days gone by.

So come on along and enjoy the Renfro Valley Barn Dance, hosted by John Lair!

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