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Thunderbolt of the Potomac

One hour documentary

Thunderbolt of the Potomac tells the story of Major General Winfield Scott Hancock. From his early years at West Point, to the Mexican War, to what some say was his finest hour Gettysburg. Thunderbolt does not end there. It also covers the years that followed the great war including his presidential bid in 1880, to his final years in New York. The one questioned no one seems to be able to answer is how Hancock became a forgotten American treasure.

"His countrymen of the North, who during the civil war reposed with unfaltering faith upon his almost invincible prowess will hold him forever in affectionate remembrance; but among his friends must also be included his countrymen of the South, who in war learned to regard him as the Thunderbolt of the Potomac. Anything more than this simple but sincere tribute to his memory would seem inconsistent with noble simplicity of his character and the perfect symmetry of his superb manhood. If it can be truthfully affirmed of any man, it can be of General Winfield Scott Hancock, that he was a model soldier, a model Citizen, a typical American." General John B. Gordon Confederate States of America.

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