Donut Kings




No Evacuation Possible

01. Drag Racing Robot
02. Stubby The Runner
03. Skateboard Surfer
04. In Heaven There Is No Beer
05. Dad's Desoto
06. Be Honest
07. Monster Surf Boogie
08. Good Girl
09. Sergeant Stupid
10. Where Did You Go?
11. Spider Goo
12. Another Pint Of Beer
13. A Little Pinch
14. I Wanna Be Santaded
01. Ethyl's Song
02. Tractor Salesman From Idaho
03. Nate's Planting Shrubbery In The Dark
04. Brush Your Teeth
05. Finnegan's Drink
06. Potholes
07. I've Fallen And I Can't Get Down
08. Great Grandpa Is A Ghost
09. Rodent
10. Shades
11. Inner Sanctum
12. Every Day Dave
13. School Food
14. Clipper Chip
15. Marvin Bizmark
16. Mesmerized By Sonic Beams
17. I Want My 8-Tracks Back
18. Potholes (revisited)

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