Donut Kings



01. Anserine Prayer
02. Who Do You Think You Are
03. Fall Fall Fall
04. Eyrie House Ruins
05. Fast Food
06. Long Time Comin'
07. Vehicle
08. Ya No Se
09. Motorhead
10. Wella Wellstone

Seven is the most rocking Donut Kings ever! The Donut Kings add a second guitarist (Marty Irizarry) with this release to make the Donuts a 4 piece. This time they take some new roads. Yes, you'll still get a taste of the quirkinesses that you have been accustomed to, but the new roads are big, heavy, and are pure guitar heaven. Think of this as the Hellacopters meet Deep Purple with a side of Clutch and Queens of the Stone Age thrown in for good measure.

Irizarry complements Haberern's melodic guitar. There are some of the most interesting guitar harmonies this side of Skynyrd. The guitars on this record sound like you are sitting between two freight trains. Pure joy. The drums and bass are no slouches here either. Crowell's thunderous vintage kit paired with Desgres's growly Rickenbacker lay down a perfect bed for the guitars and Hammond. Did we mention the Hammond.

Dan Ryan guests on Hammond Organ. Yes, a real Hammond from the 1940's was used to record the tracks. Dan sure knows how to play it as well. His style is very reminiscent of Deep Purple's Jon Lord.

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